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Booking Maid Easy

Note: Price does not include basement. Please select Finished Basement in Extra Services. 

Transparent Pricing

The quote is a flat rate, NOT an estimate, so there’s no need to watch the clock and calculate hours. You’ll know exactly how much you’re going to pay, but we do give you an estimate of how long it will take our cleaners to finish cleaning your home. Note: payment is by e-transfer only once the cleaning is done.


A customer care representative or supervisor will contact you to confirm the order. A $40 deposit is required the day before the selected time. (There is no cancellation fee if the appointment is cancelled a day or two before the appointment). Two cleaners will arrive a few minutes before the chosen time. We make an estimate of how many hours it will take to clean your home, but the cleaners will work until everything is clean.


Our cleaners arrive with all the supplies and equipment required, including a vacuum if required. If there is garbage that needs to be picked up we ask that you provide the garbage bags.

We put your safety first!

All of our cleaners are vetted, screened and have verified prior experience in cleaning. They follow safety procedures and use masks and gloves to minimize the risk of transmitting germs. There is no need for someone to be present during the cleaning, but we ask that you inspect the home once the cleaning is done to make sure the cleaners don’t leave until you’re happy with their work.


Our specialty is making your home look as good as new, but our focus is on giving you the best customer experience possible, and we constantly strive to improve in every small detail. Our customer care team and supervisors are always available for any feedback, and once the cleaning is done you’ll receive a link where you can rate our cleaners and easily rebook the same team of cleaners, or if you wish, a different team.