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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Use the Booking tool to tell us about your home and our customer care team will get
back to you shortly.

Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?

Yes, our cleaners come supplied with everything needed to clean your home or office, including
PPE. We do, however, ask that if you need them to pick up any garbage that you provide the
relevant garbage bags, and if you happen to have a working vacuum at home that does make
their job a little bit easier.

How many people do you send?

We normally send a team of two cleaners, but very large homes might require a third, and small
condos may only require one.

Are you pet friendly?

We love pets (and we have the equipment to get their stains out of your carpet), but please let
us know if you have a dog that’s very friendly (or alternatively, unfriendly) to strangers, as
having a pet running around can make their job harder.

If I need recurring service, do I get the same maid every time?

Our goal is for you to get a consistent service every time, and that does include sending
cleaners who already know you and your space, but our cleaners do have a busy schedule so
please let us know if you prefer the same one.

How do I pay?

Payments are done electronically through e-transfer, and a $30 deposit is 24 hours before the
appointment in case of a last minute cancellation.

What’s included in the regular service?

Our regular maid service is intended for spaces that have recently been cleaned. You can see a
detailed description of what it includes in the Residential page.

What does “deep cleaning” mean?

On top of the regular services listed on the Residential services page, deep cleaning includes
wet-wiping baseboards, window sills and frames and doors, vacuuming corners, vents and the
top of the walls for dust and cobwebs, and will scrub away grease and grime in the kitchen and
limescale and soap buildup in the washrooms. If there’s anything else that needs special
attention, please let us know.

Does the service include disinfection?

Regular maid service does not, but we do provide disinfection services for those looking to
#StopTheSpread! see our Disinfect or the Booking page for more information.

Do I tip the cleaners?

There is no such requirement, but if you are very happy with their service you can tip in cash or
add the extra to your e-transfer payment.

What if the cleaners missed something?

Please see the Residential page for a breakdown of everything included in a regular cleaning,
and let us know if there’s something else that needs to be cleaned. If our cleaners missed one
of those things, please let us know within 24 hours and we’ll fix it at no extra charge.

Does someone need to be at home?

To make sure that nothing gets overlooked, we ask that someone be present when the cleaners
arrive in order to show them which rooms, if any, don’t require cleaning, as well as any areas
which are especially dirty, and when the cleaners are done to inspect the house before they
leave. If you prefer a different arrangement, such as leaving us a key or door code, please let us