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Two very nice girls came and did a great job cleaning everything that I wanted. The house pretty much looked flawless, and they worked pretty fast too. Very good cleaning company.

5 stars

Mina Singh

The cleaners were very careful and worked very hard to get everything done without missing things that a lot of people ignore. I really recommend.

5 stars

Gurneet Kaur

If you want a cleaning company that’s reliable and consistent, this is one.

5 stars

Michael Palmer

Wow, this is the best cleaning service in the world! I left my house in the morning and everything was clean when i came home just a few hours later.

5 stars

Jimmy Baron

Can’t recommend this company highly enough. They made sure I was happy with the result every step of
the way, addressed every concern, paid attention to detail, and did exactly what they promised. My condo
looks and smells great.

5 stars

Manas Choudhary

I was worried about having cleaners come to my house during this whole covid situation, but I’m glad I chose these guys. The cleaners were very careful and organized and disinfected everything that you would normally touch in the house. I walked into the house and immediately felt healthier and more fresh.

5 stars

John Curragh

I’ve been a customer of theirs for six months and they never let me down.

5 stars

Cindy Nadeau

I’ve had a lot of different cleaners in my home in the past and it’s great to have someone that you know exactly what to expect. They are always on time and you get the same level of service every time.

5 stars

Elise Araujo

I felt like everything was brand new again. Totally recommend this company as they are professional and detail oriented and also adhere to the precautions of the times.

5 stars

Saima Ali

Great company and great service 👍👍👍

5 stars

Ma'ayan Mor

Tried this company for the first time when my regular cleaners didn’t show up and I was not disappointed! They are very professional and the customer service is great.

5 stars

Sara Monshine

I was extremely pleased with the service (as) the stains that have been on the carpet for a while are gone. Originally thought I might have to change it.

5 stars

Steve (HomeStars)

I’ve been looking for a consistent and professional cleaning service for a while and the cleaners Toronto is by far the best in both categories. Would highly recommend.

5 stars

Joshua (HomeStars)

Overall great experience. Everything was done efficiently and thoroughly within a timely manner, and all protocols were followed. Thank you for (the) service, will definitely be a returning customer.

5 stars

Tiffany (HomeStars)

Always arrived when expected and when we needed extra service was able to provide.

5 stars

Barry Katz (Google)

The two women that came did an incredible job! We were really happy with their work!

5 stars

Alison Izso (Google)


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